dijous, 26 d’abril del 2007


We are Vicky and Montse. We made comparisons in the English class and then we designed a poster comparing Benjamin Rojas and Poncho. We enjoyed it very much, and this is the result:

In the English class we made comparisons

We compared Zidane vs. Ronaldinho

We made posters this is the poster we wade:



In the english class, we make a poster comparing Daddy Yankee and Don Omar. We enjoyed it very much and this is the result

Tatyana and Alexandra

In English class we made comparisons.
We compared cars: a BMW and a KIA.
We made a poster. This is the poster we made:
Bryan Garcia
Bryan Cunalata

In English class we compared people. We chose daddy yankee and ken-y.
And then we made posters. This is the poster we made:

Hasbi and Patricia